"Kathleen is a gifted, creative, loving Feng Shui professional. She is talented at space clearing and has a wonderful knowledge of crystals. She is caring and deeply intuitive. You would be blessed to have her wisdom and presence visit your home."

-- Amanda Collins, Founder of the International Feng Shui School


"From beginning to end, working with Kathleen has been delightful!  I didn't understand all the benefits of Feng Shui, but I knew that I wasn't feeling good about my space in general.  Kathleen offered up several easy, affordable solutions, explaining the significance all along the way.  I felt an immediate energy shift and feel more relaxed and rejuvenated in my space now that I have made these changes.  Not only do I feel more relaxed and sleep more soundly, but I also feel much more comfortable hosting others in my home.  I wish I would have found her when I first moved into my place, and I will definitely be using her services for new homes and offices from here on out. 

An added benefit of working with Kathleen is her deep knowledge of crystals and energy healing.  This was a wonderful surprise and an extra bonus in balancing out my space."

-- Angela Yvonne, LAc


"Kathleen was so great to work with. We were starting to make design decisions for our new home and her expertise helped us figure out how to achieve a great feel and energy flow while maintaining the style that best suits us." 

-- The Szymczak Family


"I have to admit that I knew very little about Feng Shui when I met Kathleen, but I was immediately drawn in by her pleasant, friendly and out-going personality. I decided to ask her come to my office and give me some advise.

After a very thorough, enlightening and engaging couple of meetings and after making some changes that Kathleen advised, I have to say that I like my office a whole lot more. It has a different feel to it. When I walk in I smile and feel more relaxed and focused. 

I can't wait to see the difference after I complete more of the additions she suggested. I've also learned a lot and find myself doing little things everyday in my office and in my home to make them a more inviting and comfortable.

Kathleen followed up to see if I had any questions or needed any help. She answered any and all questions within 24 hours. Great customer service.

I have already mentioned and recommended her to colleagues, family and friends. "

-- Linda M. Turner, RDH, BS


"This has been a perfect experience for my husband and I to do together as our wedding anniversary is coming up. We're playing around with our space and I'm starting to feel the energy in our home. Thank you for waking me up to that...what a gift!"

-- Erinn McMurtrie


"Working with Kathleen was a fun yet meaningful experience. It changed my whole outlook. She is a thoughtful, caring professional and was a joy to work with."

-- Jody Smith