When Should I Get a Feng Shui Appointment?

Feng Shui can be done at any time of the year with amazing benefits.

However, there are certain life events where you may especially want to consider a Feng Shui appointment:

  • Are you moving into a new home or office? Feng Shui will ensure that your new house or office is at its most supportive for you and its inhabitants, for both health and wealth.
  • Do you feel stagnant or “blah” energy in your space? A space clearing is included in your Feng Shui appointment, which will remove and neutralize old, stagnant energy left in the building from its previous occupants or from current conflicts. Refresh the space and make it yours! 
  • Are you going through a break-up or divorce? In this difficult emotional time, it’s very important to feel nurtured in your home. Your home should be your sanctuary. Feng Shui will empower you in your home, making it yours and removing old energy that no longer serves you. Additionally, Feng Shui can be used to help the heart heal, and eventually, if you’re ready, to bring in new romance.
  • Do you want more romance or a partner in your life? Whether you are in a relationship or single and looking for love, Feng Shui for the home will pave the way for the love you deserve. A consultation will balance the energies in your house and you'll receive powerful tips for bedroom Feng Shui that will enhance the romance in your life!
  • Do you have a health concern? Your home is a reflection of your life. If your health is tenuous, this can be addressed in your space. Feng Shui can help with everything from migraines to back aches to infertility.
  • Are you trying to sell your house? Feng Shui can help you sell your home for the price you want. Balancing the space according to Feng Shui will help attract potential buyers--be sure to ask about the extra service that can usher in a sale when your home is on the market!
  • Almost the new year? In Classical Feng Shui, we appreciate the power of nature’s cycles. Each new year brings in different energies that will subtly affect the calculations of a Feng Shui reading. It’s recommended that you ‘refresh’ your home before February. See the Services page for the discounted flat rate for returning customers.


Does Feng Shui Involve Buying a Lot of Trinkets or Chinese Themed Items?

No! This is one of the many stereotypes of Feng Shui. Your Feng Shui appointment will be tailored to your style. A home with any type of décor can receive Feng Shui—in fact, it’s important that the space reflects you and that you love your décor and furniture formation.


Will I Need to Change Around All My Furniture?

Nope. This is another mistaken idea of Feng Shui. You will receive guidance on how best to design your space for your intentions, combined with the Feng Shui calculations that balance the space. Most suggestions are subtle and simple—and entirely up to you to implement. You do not need to change your whole house or buy all new furniture!


Is This a Magic Cure?

While the effects of Feng Shui can feel magical, it is not a “magic cure”. Feng Shui is based on an ancient Chinese technique that involves mathematic calculations for your space, combined with the psychology of living with intention.  Feng Shui can create positive shifts that help physical and emotional ailments, but it should never be a replacement for medical care. It is a holistic, complementary technique, much like acupuncture.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you build it, they will come?” This is what Feng Shui does for your goals. Behavior precipitates change. Intention is powerful. By designing a space for the life you want, you are opening yourself to the opportunities that will get you there!


What Do I Need to Provide for My Feng Shui Consultation?

  • A detailed floor plan of the building drawn to scale, showing all doors and windows  If you do not have access to a floor plan, one can be created for you. Please allow time for this during your consultation.
  • Year of construction as well as the year of any major remodeling  The construction year of the building is very important for your Feng Shui reading. If you do not  know this date, please check your deed or ask your realtor or landlord. You can also consult your county property tax assessor’s office, city building permit office, or a real estate title company’s customer service department. Sometimes this information is easily available if you search your property on Zillow or Redfin.
  • Birth dates of residents of the home and/or birth dates of the employees of business
  • Completed questionnaire provided by Star & Stone Feng Shui  Call, email, or fill out the form on the Contact page to receive your questionnaire today!