Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body with a Crystal Healing Therapy Session

Crystal Healing Therapy is a deeply relaxing form of bodywork with minimal hands-on contact. Each session is unique to the individual. Kathleen selects crystals specific to your needs and applies them selectively on the body, while guiding you through a powerful and relaxing healing session.


What Is Crystal Healing Therapy?

Similar to Feng Shui, Crystal Healing Therapy can clear energetic blockages and imbalances. Where Feng Shui does this for a space, Crystal Healing can address imbalances in the subtle energy layers of the body.

Imbalances occur in a body’s energetic field before manifesting as a physical illness or emotional issue. Crystal Healing works to clear these energetic imbalances. A Crystal Healing session can restore balance and wellbeing from the inside out.

A Crystal Healing session is one of the most relaxing forms of therapy, with powerful effects. The crystals affect the subtle body energy layers, allowing healing to occur where it’s most effective: from within.


How Does Crystal Healing Work?

As Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Modern physics has corroborated what the ancients knew: All things carry a vibration. Crystal therapy is the process of pairing various frequencies between the crystals and the human energy field to facilitate deep energetic healing, relaxation, and balance.

While a person’s vibration can change frequently with current moods, stresses, or physical wellbeing, a crystal’s vibration does not change. By applying specific crystals to parts of the body that are out of vibrational balance, the crystals can align a person’s energetic field, bringing you to your best state.


What Can Crystal Healing Help With?

Crystal Healing can assist with many physical and emotional situations: it is particularly effective for stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and migraines. Techniques vary with each client’s needs. There are many crystal layouts to choose from, from chakra balancing to light column activation, and even fertility and de-stress layouts.

You will be astonished at how well this ancient healing practice can assist you with modern stresses! 


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NOTE: Crystal Healing is NOT intended to substitute professional medical care. It is not meant to replace conventional medical treatments, but rather to complement and enhance them.